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Nuuna BLCK BOOK Notebook


Nuuna BLCK BOOK Notebook

Nuuna BLCK BOOK Notebook. A blackbook is the most vital companion to every graffiti-artist. Our Blck Book brings companionship to perfection: the paper is 120g, hence very strong and suitable for every marker there is. The size is generous and the perfect flatness of the open book will allow you to paint right across the pages. The bookcover is made of smooth bonded leather, black as night, and will protect your artwork whilst you?re out at work as well.


S: 10,8 x 15 x 1,6cm, 176 pages

L: 16,5 x 22 x 2,1cm, 256 pages

Flexcover notebook, smooth bonded artificial leather. 120g Munken paper. Silk screenprint, motif on the edges!

Grey dot-grid.

Thread sticking, perfect lay-flat behaviour!

Made in Germany

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